Terms & Conditions:


All rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates are billed in UK Sterling pounds only. Reservations are billed to the client’s corporate account numbers or credit cards on file. We accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa etc..
All corporate accounts are welcome.

The following additional charges will be accessed if applicable: Early and late pick-ups, parking (airport and local), stops/detours, meet & greet, additional passengers added by client without notification during reservation or at the time of confirmation of booking.
All hourly rates are subject to (Min 1 hr) charge.


Cancelled within 48 Hrs 50% will be charged
Cancelled within 24 Hrs No Refund will be given.
(Cruise Ship Passengers)
If Cruise Ships do not dock due to weather conditions a refund will be given minus a 10% surcharge.


The full fare plus and additional charges will be accessed to the client’s credit card if the client does not show up at the pre-arranged pick-up date and location. If you cannot find your chauffeur, call +44 7781155545 our friendly customer service team member will help you locate your chauffeur. Leaving without calling will be considered a No-Show, and you will be charged the full fare No exceptions.
Executive Car Services Limited, makes every effort to follow client’s schedule. We are not responsible for client’s flights that are diverted, delayed, missed, cancelled, or any other incident which results in a No-Show. If you (the client) find yourself in these circumstances, please email or call us immediately as soon as you find out, so that we can re-schedule or charge for the wait time, parking, etc. (A £5 admin fee may apply). If you do not inform Executive Car Service Limited. under these circumstances, again your card will be charged the full amount.


1. Client hereby affirms pick-up date, time, number of passengers and billing information are correctly stated.
2. Clients should refrain from making a reservation with the driver at all times. All reservations should be made on-line or calling our customer service line +44 (0) 7781 155545 . Reservations made with drivers are not legal binding and we are not responsible or liable for anything in the event of any issues arising from that.
3. Executive Car Services, is not liable for any damages caused by unforeseen severe weather conditions or traffic, perils of navigation, accidents or unexpected car breakdowns, and other factors/events beyond the control of the company. In the event of a vehicle breakdown, Executive Car Services Limited. will make every effort to provide a replacement vehicle in a timely manner. If customer refuses replacement vehicle, no refund is due. In emergency situations, the company may sub-contract the client’s reservation to another car service company nearby to ensure that the customer is not late to his/her destination. In very severe weather conditions like heavy snow storms/icy conditions whereby the company’s vehicle(s) can’t get to the client, a full refund will be made to the client’s credit card, or trip can be re-scheduled at customer’s request.
4. Executive Car Services Limited. is not liable for any personal property of the client or his/her guests which are damaged or misplaced in our vehicles. We are not responsible for safeguarding client’s belongings. All customers are advised not to leave any personal items in the vehicles when getting off.
5. There will be no smoking, eating, and use of narcotics or controlled substances in our vehicles. No exceptions. Chauffeur has the right to terminate the trip, without refund if client(s) and or guests violates company rules and regulations, and therefore putting vehicle or chauffeur at risk.
6. Any damages incurred in our vehicles by the client or guest will be fully charged to the client’s credit card on file or any other appropriate methods of payment necessary.
7. Driver tips/gratuities are at the discretion of the client.

We are here to make sure that your travel experience with us is pleasant, enjoyable and successful.
Thank you for choosing Executive Car Services Limited We hope you enjoy your trip to Guernsey.

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